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Pumpkin Picking at Rutland Pumpkins

Halloween is nearly upon us and my youngest, is getting ready to scare the bones out of the locals. No Halloween is complete without your goulish faced pumpkin sat on the doorstep ready to greet the steady flow of monsters, ghosts, zombies and witches in search of their sugary bounty. So, we bundled into the car on a very wet Friday afternoon and headed over to Rutland Pumpkins owned by Raddlemans who are a couple of miles off the A6003 between Oakham and Uppingham. Greeted with a smile and given our own wheelbarrow, we trundled through the muddy (we brought wellies) pumpkin field. Her eyes lit up when she caught sight of the pumpkins, all shapes and sizes (the owners James and Peta planted 8000 seeds). The selection includes miniature Jill be Little's, small white Casperitas, Knuckleheads, and the big boy The Early King. After bagging our pumpkins we warmed up with a yummy hot chocolate and some scary looking doughnuts.

Below are a few photos from our visit...

The Queen of the castle

Pumpkin picking in Rutland

A pumpkin field in Rutland
The Pumpkin Field

Family photography, Rutland

Rutland Pumpkins at Raddlemans
Rutland Pumpkins

Family Photography, Rutland

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